Richard Taylor Pickering PhD

Research Assistant Professor, Infectious Diseases

650 Albany St | (617) 638-8000
Richard Pickering

Infectious Diseases


My research expertise is in adipose tissue differentiation and fibrosis. I am interested in examining the links between dysfunctional adipose tissue and the development of cardiometabolic diseases using both both biomarker data from large scale cohort studies and more mechanistic experiments using in-vitro models of adipocyte development.


Nutrition/Food Science, PhD, Boston University School of Medicine

Biochemistry, BS, University of Missouri


Published on 12/19/2022

Yuan M, Singer MR, Pickering RT, Moore LL. Saturated fat from dairy sources is associated with lower cardiometabolic risk in the Framingham Offspring Study. Am J Clin Nutr. 2022 Dec 19; 116(6):1682-1692. PMID: 36307959.

Published on 9/2/2022

Yiannakou I, Pickering RT, Yuan M, Singer MR, Moore LL. Potato consumption is not associated with cardiometabolic health outcomes in Framingham Offspring Study adults. J Nutr Sci. 2022; 11:e73. PMID: 36117546.

Published on 9/6/2021

Yiannakou I, Yuan M, Pickering RT, Singer MR, Moore LL. Potato consumption is not associated with elevated cardiometabolic risk in adolescent girls. Br J Nutr. 2022 08 14; 128(3):521-530. PMID: 34486960.

Published on 1/19/2021

Pickering RT, Bradlee ML, Singer MR, Moore LL. Higher Intakes of Potassium and Magnesium, but Not Lower Sodium, Reduce Cardiovascular Risk in the Framingham Offspring Study. Nutrients. 2021 Jan 19; 13(1). PMID: 33477824.

Published on 7/15/2020

Yuan M, Pickering RT, Bradlee ML, Mustafa J, Singer MR, Moore LL. Animal protein intake reduces risk of functional impairment and strength loss in older adults. Clin Nutr. 2021 03; 40(3):919-927. PMID: 32753351.

Published on 1/21/2020

Pickering RT, Bradlee ML, Singer MR, Moore LL. Baseline diet modifies the effects of dietary change. Br J Nutr. 2020 04 28; 123(8):951-958. PMID: 31959264.

Published on 12/7/2018

Lee MJ, Pickering RT, Shibad V, Wu Y, Karastergiou K, Jager M, Layne MD, Fried SK. Impaired Glucocorticoid Suppression of TGFß Signaling in Human Omental Adipose Tissues Limits Adipogenesis and May Promote Fibrosis. Diabetes. 2019 03; 68(3):587-597. PMID: 30530781.

Published on 6/14/2018

Lin HP, Baghdasarian S, Singer MR, Mott MM, Bradlee ML, Pickering RT, Moore LL. Dietary Cholesterol, Lipid Levels, and Cardiovascular Risk among Adults with Diabetes or Impaired Fasting Glucose in the Framingham Offspring Study. Nutrients. 2018 Jun 14; 10(6). PMID: 29903989.

Published on 5/24/2018

Baghdasarian S, Lin HP, Pickering RT, Mott MM, Singer MR, Bradlee ML, Moore LL. Dietary Cholesterol Intake Is Not Associated with Risk of Type 2 Diabetes in the Framingham Offspring Study. Nutrients. 2018 May 24; 10(6). PMID: 29794966.

Published on 12/22/2016

Pickering RT, Lee MJ, Karastergiou K, Gower A, Fried SK. Depot Dependent Effects of Dexamethasone on Gene Expression in Human Omental and Abdominal Subcutaneous Adipose Tissues from Obese Women. PLoS One. 2016; 11(12):e0167337. PMID: 28005982.

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