Cleopatra Ferrao MS

Assistant Professor, General Internal Medicine

720 Harrison Ave | (617) 414-8867
Cleopatra Ferrao

General Internal Medicine


Expertise and Interests include: Nursing as a Nurse practitioner; Nurse Educator, which is why I preceptor NP students; Nursing education.


MS, Northeastern University, 1995


Published on 8/27/2021

Greco CM, Gaylord SA, Faurot K, Weinberg JM, Gardiner P, Roth I, Barnhill JL, Thomas HN, Dhamne SC, Lathren C, Baez JE, Lawrence S, Neogi T, Lasser KE, Castro MG, White AM, Simmons SJ, Ferrao C, Binda DD, Elhadidy N, Eason KM, McTigue KM, Morone NE. The design and methods of the OPTIMUM study: A multisite pragmatic randomized clinical trial of a telehealth group mindfulness program for persons with chronic low back pain. Contemp Clin Trials. 2021 10; 109:106545. PMID: 34455111.

Published on 3/25/2021

Talutis SD, Childs E, Goldman AL, Knapp PE, Gupta A, Ferrao C, Feeney T, McAneny D, Drake FT. Strategies to optimize management of incidental radiographic findings in the primary care setting: A mixed methods study. Am J Surg. 2022 Feb; 223(2):297-302. PMID: 33810834.

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