Beginning in late 2015, BUMC IT is embarking on a multi-year project to refresh BUMC academic and administrative wired networks. As part of this project, obsolete wire and switches will be upgraded to offer ports providing Ethernet connectivity of up to 1 gigabit per second—an increase of 10 to 100 times typical BUMC capabilities currently. However, in light of recent upgrades to all BUMC wireless networks, coupled with the trend toward wireless connectivity generally, old Ethernet ports will not be replaced with new ports on a one-for-one basis.  In general, our goal is to provide at least one port per office, and as-appropriate for larger facilities, by working with IT governance, support partners, and clients to optimize reconfigurations appropriately.

The following is the schedule of planned updates to the wired networking infrastructure at Boston University Medical Campus.

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Year Semester Address Building Primary Affiliation Status
2016 Spring 620 Albany Street National Emerging Infectious Diseases Laboratory NEIDL Completed
2016 Fall 700 Albany Street Center for Advanced Biomedical Research (W) BUSM Completed
2017 Spring 715 Albany Street Talbot Building (T) SPH Completed
2017 Spring 71 East Concord Street Silvio O. Conte Medical Research Building (K) BUSM Completed
2017 Summer 610 Albany Street New Employee Garage Shared Service Completed
2017 Summer 710 Albany Street Patient Garage Shared Service Completed
2017 Fall 80 East Concord Street A Building (A) Shared Service Completed
2018 Spring 780 Harrison Street Houseman Research Building (R) BUSM Completed
2018 Spring 72 East Concord Street Instructional Building (L) BUSM Completed
2018 Spring 815 Albany Street Medical Student Residence Shared Service Completed
2018 Spring 750 Harrison Avenue Robinson Building (B) BUSM Completed
2018 Spring 75 East Newton Street Evans Building (E) BUSM Completed
2018 Spring 750 Albany Street Power Plant Shared Service Completed
2018 Spring 100 East Newton Street Henry M. Goldman School of Dental Medicine (G) Dental Construction
2018 Spring 609 Albany Street Dermatology Building (J) BUSM Construction
2018 Summer 650 Albany Street Evans Biomedical Research Center (X) BUSM Construction
2018 Summer 560 Harrison Avenue 560 Harrison Avenue Dental Design
2018 Summer 85 East Newton Street Solomon Carter Fuller Mental Health Center (M) Shared Service Design
2018 Summer 670 Albany Street BioSquare III BUSM
2018 Fall 801 Massachusetts Avenue Crosstown Center Shared Service
2018 Fall 65 East Newton Street Old Evans Building (D) Shared Service
2019 Summer 615 Albany Street Naval Blood Research Center (N) Shared Service
2019 Summer 85 East Concord Street Surgical Building (S) BUSM
2019 Summer 771 Albany Street Dowling Building BUSM

Updated: 4/12/2018