BU Reviewed and Cleared Apps

HIPAA  compliant for both BU and BMC

These apps are managed by BU, but accounts must be removed or disabled by the research team (e.g., SharePoint or REDCap) or by sending an email to bumchelp@bu.edu or ithelp@bu.edu to remove accounts from BUMC Y Drive (aka RU-GPNAS)

BU Code42 Backup Service (formerly Known As Crashplan)

BU Data Motion

BU FileMaker

BU Freezer Pro

BU GoReact

  • Platform for recording and commenting on videos
  • Reach out to ithelp@bu.edu to be given access through Blackboard

BU Office 365

  • Can be used to share larger files with BU and non-BU collaborators.
  • We recommend that:
    • Research teams use SharePoint sites that can have multiple subsites.
    • Individual team members use OneDrive to share files and folders, even with non-BU collaborators.
  • Office 365 provides the following HIPAA compliant services:
    • OneDrive, SharePoint, Teams, Power Apps, Power BI, Access Online, Bookings, Dynamics, Flow, Forms, Graphs, InTune, MyAnalytics, Office Delve, Office Online, Planner, Power Apps, Project Online, StaffHub, Stream, Sway, To-Do for Web, Video, Whiteboard, Yammer
  • www.bu.edu/tech/services/cccs/collaboration/sharepoint/security

BU OnBase

BU Qualtrics


  • Robust and powerful survey tool.
  • Can be used to send videos and brief messages to research subjects via email.
  • For an additional cost, Twilio can be used to send surveys and messages by text messages.
  • Twilio’s methods:
      • Initiate survey as voice call
      • Send survey invitation with survey link via SMS
      • Send survey invitation via SMS to take survey as voice call (respondent makes call)
      • Initiate survey as SMS conversation
  • Surveys can be simple as one question, to extremely advanced.
  • You can also schedule reminders for surveys.
  • Has built-in scheduling module and project calendar.
  • www.bu.edu/ctsi/tools

    BU Teams