Shinichiro Kurosawa, MD, PhD

Associate Professor of Pathology & Laboratory Medicine

MD, Gunma University School of Medicine
PhD, Gunma University

BUMC Research Profile

Our laboratory focuses on studying host responses in the field of translational medicine.  We have established multiple pre-clinical in vivo models.  We continue our efforts to establish, standardize and validate models, so that the system will help provide means for filling the gap between bench and bedside.  Most recently, we are applying high throughput technology to evaluate host responses at molecular level.  The results from our models frequently feed back to the basic research and vice versa, providing us unique sets of hypotheses.  The availability of the model and the novel hypotheses will give our students and postdoctoral fellows a unique advantage.  We can also help our collaborators, who have proved the concept using mouse models, by moving the project beyond rodent biology.   We are committed to bring new diagnostics and therapeutics in order to improve/save human lives.