Grants Awarded to Infectious Disease Faculty this Month:

Title: Persistent HIV-1 Expression and Microglia Dysfunction

Principal Investigators: Andrew Henderson, PhD & Suryaram Gummuluru, PhD

Grant Award Number: 1R01DA055488-01

Project Narrative: Microglia are long-lived central nervous system immune cells that have critical roles in brain immunity and neuron integrity. HIV-1 infection of microglia and the resulting activation of these cells is hypothesized to drive inflammation in the brain and AIDS-associated neurocognitive diseases. We are proposing to use a novel cell model to explore how HIV RNA expression in microglia mediates this inflammatory response. These studies are relevant for understanding how HIV perpetuates disease even in the presence of antiretroviral treatments and could provide new targets and strategies for treatments to improve the lives of people living with HIV.

Title: BU Clinical HIV/AIDS Research Training Program (BU-CHART)

Principal Investigator: Benjamin Linas, MD, MPH

Grant Award Number: 2 T32 AI052074-16A1

Project Narrative: The Boston University Clinical HIV/AIDS Research Training (BU-CHART) program prepares outstanding M.D and Ph.D. trainees for careers as scientific leaders in HIV/AIDS research, with a focus on research in disadvantaged and underserved populations.