HARC XVI Call for Submissions – Open Soon

Call for Panels, Special Interest Groups, Workshops

and Scientific Abstract Proposals

~ Opening soon for 2024 ~

Submission Formats (select the one that best fits your submission):

  • Abstract – Scientific abstracts will be evaluated and selected for either ORAL or POSTER presentation. Oral presentations are given by a single individual and are 10 minutes long, followed by 5 minutes of moderated discussion. Abstracts must be 500 words or less, exclusive of title, tables and graphs. Submissions over this limit will be returned without review.
    • Multiple authors can be listed, but ONLY ONE can be designated as the presenter
    • Submission fee is $18 per abstract



  • Panel (90 minutes)Panel presentations involve three to five individuals (one of whom must be designated as leader/moderator) who present different perspectives on a common theme or topic. Following the presentations, the panel moderator will lead a discussion/Q&A with audience members. The proposal should describe the common theme/topic and the major points of discussion. Presentations should ideally be based on recent publications or completed work that has not been presented elsewhere.
    • There is no fee to submit a Panel proposal.



  • Special Interest Group (60 minutes) – Interest group leaders facilitate an interactive discussion among participants, based on the topic proposed. Special Interest Groups are not designed for the presentation of papers, and must be designed to be interactive.
    • There is no fee to submit a Special Interest Group proposal.



  • Workshops (60-90 minutes) – Workshops provide the opportunity for in-depth discussion and instruction on a focused topic. Demonstrations, exercises, group activities, and other methods of experiential learning are appropriate and desirable. Proposals should outline the specific objectives of the workshop, the intended audience (novice or experienced researchers, prerequisite knowledge/skills, etc.), the instructional techniques, and the qualifications of the instructor(s).
    • There is no fee to submit a Workshop proposal.



Questions? HealthLiteracyConference@bmc.org