GSI 2021 Analysis Internship Competition – Applications Due March 12.

2021 remains a continuing challenge for the GSI Research Community as the COVID-19 pandemic’s effects persist.  The GSI-supported research activities of AY 2020 have been extended for the awardees who have been delayed by COVID-19.  Therefore, the GSI will not be offering an open competition this 2021 for more sequencing-based pilot awards.

Instead, the GSI is partnering with the BU Bioinformatics Program to pilot a Bioinformatics Master’s Student Internship (BMSI) program for GSI faculty labs. The BMSI will support three summer internships for MS students from the Bioinformatics MS Program. Internships will begin in May 2021 and continue for ten weeks full time. Student stipends are provided by the Bioinformatics Program, and mentorship of the intern is supported by GSI staff. Due to COVID-19, the 2021 internships will all be performed remotely.

We are currently accepting proposals for research projects from GSI faculty that involve bioinformatic analysis of existing high-throughput genomics datasets. Three projects will be selected jointly by the GSI directors and Bioinformatics Program. Meritorious projects from labs who currently lack bioinformatics capabilities and support will be given priority.

To submit a proposal, please complete the attached form and submit to by March 12 for review and consideration. Please detail your bioinformatics analysis problem, what datasets you have available or plan to data-mine from public databases, and available time to interface with the MS student and BMSI staff to provide feedback on the bioinformatics research training opportunity. The GSI also encourages that results be presented in an upcoming GSI Research Symposium.