Turnitin Access To Plagiarism Check For GMS Students

Turnitin is an online plagiarism checking tool that compares your work with existing online publications.

To gain access:

How it works:

          • Upload your papers to Blackboard Learn to check for similarity index
          • Submit multiple versions of papers, take home assignments, theses or dissertations and rewrite text as needed

Extended Directions:

  • Having personal Turnitin access through Blackboard Learn allows you to confidentially check your written work for potential plagiarism.  With a close inspection of the results Turnitin may also help with incorrect quotation and missing citations.Turnitin for GMS graduate students:
  • Follow this link to request access to Turnitin via Blackboard Learn:
  • https://www.bumc.bu.edu/gms/students/research-thesis-dissertation/request-to-be-added-to-blackboard-plagiarism-site/  
  • Click on the  Plagiarism-Check Blackboard site
  • You will be asked to give your name, email BUID and the submission type (i.e. Dissertation, Thesis or Paper) and your GMS program affiliation.
  • After verifying you are not a robot, you be should sent to a new page and get a notification saying “We have received your request to be added to the plagiarism check Blackboard Learn site.”
    It will take some time for your request to be approved (at least 10 min, possibly 24 hr).
    The next time you log in to Blackboard, under ‘My Courses’ in the right-hand column you should see the entry:  “GMS Plagiarism Check”. Click this link to access Turnitin.
    To submit a document, click on “Turnitin Submission” on the left-hand panel
  • Then click on “>> View/Complete”  (The first time you use Turnitin it will ask you to agree the user agreement).
    If you have never submitted a document before there should be a submit button.  If you have submitted before you will need to click the resubmit button to submit your new or revised document.  You may get a warning that resubmitting will replace your earlier submission.  It also reminds you that you can only upload 3 documents in 24 hours.
  • You can browse to find the document on your computer then click ‘upload’
  • You will get a message saying it may take up to 2-min to load
  • Once the document is loaded be sure to click on ‘confirm’
  • You should get a congratulatory message.  (You will also get an email confirming the successful submission.)
  • Click on the link to return to submission list
  • You will likely see that your document ‘similarity’ index is ‘processing.’  The algorithm may take a few hours to run.  You will need check back and see when it has finished.
  • When Turnitn has completed its work, the status will be changed, and on the “View/Complete” page and will get a similarity index.  The lower this index, the better.
  • Press “view” on the far right to see the submitted manuscript with Turnitin’s Feedback Studio which has some interesting automation features.  Alternatively, you can download the results with the arrow icon on the far right of the display