Our Community Cupboard

A GMS Pilot Project from the
“Making Ends Meet” Initiative

Welcome to Our Community Cupboard! Even with the best of budgeting, finances can run short near the end of the month. Rent, tuition, books, utilities, babysitter, cell phone, gas, car payments, fees and more fees. It all adds up.

To help you make ends meet, we set up a pantry in suite L306 for students and post-doctoral fellows. It is stocked with canned and boxed foods, and some basic personal hygiene goods.

So far this is a simple, grass roots effort.  We’re working on higher tech approaches for your convenience and our management needs, but we’re not there yet. Right now our priority is getting resources to you in a friendly, confidential space as soon as possible.

Products offered are dependent on their availability, as well as our financial situation. We try to offer a healthy variety, while providing basic food needs and hygiene products.