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Spotlight Interview: Dr. Kip Thomas

Dr. Kevin "Kip" Thomas is the Principal Investigator for the Laboratory for Human Neurobiology, as well as the Program Director for both the Master’s of Science in Bioimaging and Healthcare Emergency Management Degree Programs. He spoke with us about the newly installed 3 Tesla Philips Ingenia Elition MRI at the Center for Biomedical Imaging, the value of a Master's in Bioimaging, and more!   There's some exciting news coming to the BioImaging Program: a new 3T Philips MRI! Right, it's actually the university’s. We put our students through a series of practice sessions. First, they’re actually in the classroom. We teach different protocols, More

GMS Scientists Discover COVID-19 Lung Inflammation Pathway

Scientists, including GMS faculty, at NEIDL and CReM have uncovered how COVID-19 triggers severe lung inflammation. Their research points to the body's NFkB signaling pathway as the driver of this response. In discovering this, they are opening the door to therapeutic research that could reduce inflammation before it becomes deadly. In the words of Dr. Andrew Wilson (one of the co-corresponding authors of the study), "It’s been wonderful to finally be on the offense, rather than on the defense, like we were early on in April and May." Read more about their research, as well as their use of organoid models... More

GMS HPE Alumnus On COVID-19 Frontlines at BMC

Alumni Spotlight: Alex Sheng, MD, MHPE Dr. Sheng is the Associate Residency Program Director in the Department of Emergency Medicine at Boston Medical Center and Assistant Professor at Boston University School of Medicine. He received his Master’s degree in Health Professions Education from Boston University Graduate Medical Sciences in 2019. Q: Why did you decide to become a clinician educator and earn a Master’s degree in Health Professions Education at GMS? A: Physicians are natural teachers. We’re always educating patients about their disease and treatment options. We’re often called upon to raise awareness about public health issues, from cardiovascular disease, to mental health, More

Meet Dr. Brady: Faces of Diversity

Associate Professor in the Department of Psychiatry What led you to pursue a career in mental health counseling and in particular why academia? I have been interested in the field of mental health for a very long time. When I finished my undergraduate degree in Sociology with plans to go to Law School I wanted to take a few years off to earn a living. I had the opportunity to work at a new forensic center for sex offenders close to the University of Florida where I was an alumnus. I simply feel in love with the intellectual challenge of the work... More

Behind the Scenes: BU, BMC Scientists and GMS Students Work Together for the Hospital’s COVID-19 Test

Gian Sepulveda, PhD Candidate Five days away from his PhD dissertation defense date, GMS doctoral candidate Richard Giadone spent early mornings in the lab to optimize and adapt CDC and WHO COVID-19 testing protocols for use at Boston Medical Center (BMC). Under the supervision of his PI, Dr. George Murphy at the BU Center for Regenerative Medicine (CReM), and in collaboration with labs from the Broad Institute and the BU/BMC Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine, the team optimized methods for viral inactivation, viral RNA extraction, and quantitative PCR.  The test is designed to detect two nucleocapsid genes, N1 and N2, from... More

Live Coronavirus Research Gets Underway

GMS faculty Ronald Corley, Chair and Professor of Microbiology, as well as NEIDL director,  work with the Greater Boston Consortium on Pathogen Readiness to fight COVID-19.  The Brink March 19, 2020