Alumni Participation

Thank you for agreeing to serve as part of a network of alumni interested in career mentoring of current students and post-doctoral fellows.  With your help, we now hope to expand our network of former trainees so as to have them offer our current trainees advice on the vast career opportunities available to them.  Your experiences will provide our trainees with the knowledge and tools required to navigate the career decisions they will encounter down the road.    We will provide the trainees with information on your current position and your contact information to enable them to reach out to you for advice about your career path.

To participate, please complete this brief questionnaire and we will put your information on our password-protected website that our trainees can access.  You can do as little or as much as you care to!  Making yourself available by email and/or phone can be quite helpful; some of you in the Boston area might be willing to meet with trainees, to host part time shadowing/internship experiences or participate in mentoring circles.  We appreciate anything you can do!