The Faculty Development and Diversity Committee (FDDC) of the Department of Medicine is committed to supporting and facilitating independent professional growth of our department’s faculty through many different methods. Faculty in academic medicine must develop many different aspects of their professional abilities to facilitate increasing their expertise in their chosen area of scholarly focus. A roadmap is often helpful to refine the direction of this development and how it might unfold.

An essential skill for academic advancement is the ability to accurately reflect on one’s strengths and opportunities for growth. To this end the FDDC is providing you with a tool to help you take stock of your progress and identify areas on which to capitalize as well as to develop. We hope that you consider reviewing the self‐evaluation tool and accurately document for yourself where you are in your professional development. One way you might use this tool is to complete it at regular intervals (6 or 12 months) so that you can gauge your interests and progress.

We hope you will choose to share your self‐evaluation with individuals on your mentoring team–both peers and more experienced individuals. Such individuals may provide valuable feedback regarding your career. The Vice Chair of Faculty Development and Diversity (FDD) and members of the FDD Committee are always available for consultation.

Our goal in providing this tool to self‐‘catalogue’ your academic position is to help you take as much control as is feasible over your own professional development. There are many resources available for you to grow and advance, including mentors, and FDD grants. Good luck and please do not hesitate to contact the FDDC with any questions or requests.

To your growth and advancement,

Emelia J. Benjamin, MD, ScM, Vice Chair FDD

Michael H. Ieong, MD

Faculty Development and Diversity Committee

Department of Medicine, Boston University School of Medicine