Academic Writing Program

The Academic Writing Program (AWP) provides faculty with the opportunity to further develop more effective academic writing skills and competencies through experiential workshops and peer-coaching. The focus of the AWP program is to provide participants with useful practices, skills, and critical feedback on writing for publication, which is critical for academic advancement. Writing workshops provide a venue for peer coaching on pieces developed outside of sessions, with the goal of preparing manuscripts for submission to peer-reviewed journals.

Target Audience:

DOM Faculty

Time Commitment:

There are 5 sessions, from 3-5pm, September to January. In addition, each participant will meet individually with the FDD Director before the end of the program.


  • Sept 24th
  • Oct 22nd
  • Nov 12th
  • Dec 17th
  • Jan 28th


The components of the Academic Writing Program include:

  1. Experiential Seminars/Round-table Discussions. Course directors and guest facilitators offer thematically organized curriculum and/or guest-led workshops focused on writing, sharing, and discussion of pre-readings.
  2. Peer Mentoring. Participants develop peer mentoring skills to provide mutual support as a means of encouragement and accountability for successfully achieving their writing goals.
  3. Final Writing Goal. Participants commit to writing and revising and submitting ≥1 manuscript to a journal by the conclusion of the program.
  4. Participants will submit at least one piece by 3 months after completion of the course.
  5. Participant Commitment. Participants commit to attending and actively participating in sessions, engaging in self-reflection and honest conversation with peers, and making progress on their writing goals.

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