Improvement Leadership Academy at BMC in 2020!

Lorrie Young has been selected to attend the Improvement Leadership Academy at BMC in 2020! She will be joining an interprofessional cohort representing a broad range of improvement projects from departments across Boston Medical Center and the Boston HealthNet.  This program will give Lorrie the opportunity to work with a personal improvement coach as she tackles her project-her quality improvement project is directly related to the inpatient malnutrition work she has been doing, for several years, with Dr. Kim.

“It is well-known that hospital malnutrition is prevalent in US hospitals; it increases patient morbidity, mortality and hospital readmissions and nutrition interventions can have a positive impact on these outcomes. The goal of my Nutrition-focused Quality Improvement project is to develop a comprehensive nutrition intervention strategy aimed at patients with a documented in-patient malnutrition diagnosis with the goal to potentially decrease 30 day readmission rates in this group by 25 % using this strategy. The strategy will include inpatient assessment and treatment, a nutrition plan for discharge to meet the specific social and medical needs of each patient ideally in coordination with the hospital’s THRIVE initiative and Food as Medicine plans.” – Lorrie