Adam Weightman

Resident — Class of 2020

Hometown: Clarkston, MI

Medical School: University of Michigan Medical School

Previous Lives: broomball champion, management consultant, sausage manufacturer, golf course beautifier, wedding officiate

Interests/Hobbies: cooking, sampling other peoples’ cooking, binge-watching, just about any kind of music, golf, beer/wine tasting, traveling with my wife, spending time with family and friends

5-year Plan: finish residency, maintain work-life balance, travel the world, distill the meaning of life

If he wasn’t a doctor he would be: a trophy husband

Favorite Sports Teams: Notre Dame Fighting Irish, Detroit Red Wings, Detroit Lions (sighs…)

Favorite Place to Visit: Italy… or South Bend on a football weekend, tough call

Favorite Movies: The Sound of Music, The Godfather, Star Wars, most things Judd Apatow, and all things Marvel