Academic Residency Program Curriculum


year 1

year 2

year 3

*Colors reflect the periods of time during which each activity may take place

**CITI – Collaborative Institutional Training Initiative

***INSPIR – Integrated Network of Subject Protection in Research


Categories of Faculty Development

Teaching Clinical Research Leadership
Year 1
Statistics X X X
Writing a review article X
IRB-CITI Training X X
Public speaking & presentation skills X X X
Finding your “Career Niche” X X
Year 2
IRB – Protocol development techniques X
IRB – Submission examples of INSPIR X
Presentations to medical student and other trainees X X
Preparation and submission of a manuscript and the elements that are required X
Submit abstracts to the AAD & SID X
Year 3
Formulation of hypotheses – grant writing X
Development of interview skills X
Risk Management & University Policies X X


Defining Mentorship and Preceptorship During Training

Mentorship – Trainees are assigned to a mentor who will guide them through the 3 years of residency and their overall career goals

  • Provisional Mentor (PM) – Mentor assigned for first 3-6 months of training (he/she may become permanent mentor)
  • Established Training Mentor (ETM): Assigned for remainder of training

Preceptorship – Depending on the nature of the residents’ project and scholarly work, a preceptor will be assigned to ensure completion of the goals and establishment of a career “niche”.