Troubleshooting application submission issues

When you get an error message or error page

The system times out after 20 minutes of no activity. This is almost always the reason for getting error message. The user can click the back button on their web browser and refresh page to log back in. Save frequently to retain information.

When you cannot submit an application

Be sure that all disclosure forms completed have been reviewed and approved by the Course Director. Also check that the application form was completely filled out.

When disclosure section is unresolved

Be sure that all uploaded disclosure forms have been approved by the course director before attempting to submit. Also, be sure to submit supplemental disclosure information for individuals with existing relationship with relevant commercial interests, whom the course director has deemed eligible to be an administrator.

Red flags on Series Application

Red flags on RSS series indicate missing documents or incomplete information within the RSS system. You can know more about it by clicking on the Red flag. It gives you a brief description of the missing items.