Status Types & Deadlines:

Started – You have begun to enter activity information into the system. You can continue to make necessary edits/changes to the activity. This status remains until session is submitted. If a status has changed to ‘Started’ after you have submitted it to us, this means that the session is incomplete. A note with the missing items will be sent to the primary contact person via email.

Submitted – The session has successfully been submitted to the RSS office. Session review can take up to two weeks.

Approved Pending Entry – This means that your session has been approved and a code is being generated for the activity on our website. During this stage, there is nothing further that you will need to do. An email with the activity code will be sent out to the primary contact person via email.

Approved – The activity has been approved and an activity code has been generated. Participants can now claim credit for attending the session.

Rejected – An activity will be rejected from CME approval if an unresolvable conflict of interest exists, the activity lacks valid, evidence based content, and if the session was submitted more than two months after the activity occurred.

**Activity processing can take up to two weeks, so it is important that sessions be submitted at least two weeks in advance to allow us time to review the content, approve the program and generate the codes so you have them available on the day of your session. Also, it is important to submit at least two weeks prior to the activity so that we are aware of meetings to attend periodic audits throughout the year.

We will no longer accept late submissions more than two months after the activity has occurred.