How to Upload Participant CSV

In addition to manually entering in participant data, there is also a feature to upload all participants data from one Excel file.

In the same section, click the ‘Upload Participant CSV’.

If you would like to upload the participants, please do the following:

  1. Click here to download an excel template. The template has drop downs for the participant profession as well as status (attended, is expected, or did not attend).
  2. Populate the data on the first sheet of the template. The required fields have a bold header.
  3. Save the modified file in case you want to make changes and re-upload the data later.
  4. Save the file to comma separated value format (CSV) so that it can be imported.
  5. Select the file below and click the import button. You will be shown error messages for any rows that could not be imported.

You are all set!

Optional: You also have the ability to send the session activity code to the email addresses of the added participants by clicking ‘Send Activity Code’.