How to submit a disclosure form

Disclosure information must be collected from the course director(s), planning committee members, and all speakers/moderators/panelists in your program. Disclosure information is collected through the CME RSS online system. When adding a course director, planning committee member, or speaker to a series or a session, the CME RSS system sends an automated email alerting this person that they must submit their disclosure information. The automated email contains a link that will direct the speaker to an online web form where they can submit all disclosure information. When non-BU personnel click this disclosure link in the automated email, they are taken directly to the web form. When BU personnel click the disclosure link in the automated email, they must enter their BU Kerberos credentials and then are taken directly to the form.

Note: The CME RSS system is designed to make it easy for all speakers to complete their disclosures online. It is strongly encouraged that ALL speakers use the online form. We have maintained the PDF upload option but this requires the program administrator to transcribe all information into discrete fields enabling the CME RSS system to execute automated actions associated with the disclosure process. For example, the system now sends the course director an automated email alert when a completed online disclosure contains a relevant financial relationship. The system makes it easy for the course director to indicate whether or not the relationship poses a conflict, and instructs the course director on what steps they should take to ensure the presentation unbiased should a conflict exist.