Accessing Evaluation Reports for Course Director Evaluations:

One of the required questions in the Course Director Program Evaluation, is to attest that all evaluations from the previous series were reviewed. Reports include evaluation summaries and a list of participants who have claimed their certificate online. In order to access these reports, follow the instructions below:

How to login

If you are a course director or an activity administrator for a regularly schedule series, you are automatically given access to view these reports in Project Central. Your username is the email address you used in your annual RSS application and we have set a default password which will be “[insert first name]4now”. See example below:

Password: sakina4now

Once logged in, you have the ability to change your password. Your account will carry over from year to year and you do not need to continually update your password, it will remain the same unless you change it.

To view these reports

1. Go to enter your email and password and click “login”.

You will be taken to a list of all of your activities with details indicating the unique session code (which was assigned to each session upon approval), the session title and date. You can also utilize the search bar to search for a particular activity.

2. Click on the activity you would like to view.

There are several tabs available for you to review. The key tabs you will want to monitor are the ‘Evaluation’ tab and the ‘Grade Report’ tab.

In the ‘Home’ tab, you can see a timeline of when your participants claimed credits after a session and a pie chart displaying professions of attendees.

In RSS activities, there is no pre-registration which means the list of people in the ‘Registrants’ tab will mirror the list of people in the ‘Grade Report’ tab, which displays who actually claimed credit. The registrants tab gives you some more details on the contact information or each person, whereas the grade report tells you their name and profession and the date they claimed credit online.

The ‘Evaluation’ tab shows you a real time summary of all of our evaluation questions.

We do not use commitment to change Outcomes follow-up with RSS activities so there is no data in that tab.

For additional questions or help accessing RSS evaluation reports, please contact