Medical Student Addiction Summer Research Program

This program runs in conjunction with the BU School of Medicine Summer Research Program.

CARE Summer Students 2016
Pictured (left ot right): Karsten Lunze (Program Director), Jules Canfield (former Program Manager), and students

Target Audience

Recruitment and training of motivated first year medical students to participate in 7 to 8 week mentored research projects. While the primary audience comprises of Boston University students, the program also welcomes inquiries from non-medical students and qualified external students.

Program Objectives

  1. The student will gain experience in research design, subject interviewing, data collection, data entry, data analysis, and/or data presentation through a research project.
  2. The student will acquire clinical exposure in harm reduction, screening, diagnosing and treating patients with drug and alcohol problems through multiple observer experiences including a methadone maintenance clinic, office-based opioid treatment with buprenorphine program and inpatient addiction consult service.

Program Curriculum

Additional Information

Summer Student Testimonials

Pictured: Amoli Kulkarni (student)


Karsten Lunze, MD, MPH, DrPH
Program Director
(617) 414-6933

Ve Truong
Project Manager
(617) 414-6639