DREAM (Delivery Resources, Education, and Advocacy for Moms)

Advisors: Dr. Melissa Nelson, Melissa.nelson@bmc.org

Student Leadership:

All women with limited social support and resources who give birth at Boston Medical Center will have the opportunity to receive continuous labor support.

Equip medical students with the education and skills necessary to provide effective prenatal, labor, and postpartum support at Boston Medical Center, through the Women’s Center, OB/GYN department, Teen and Tot clinic, and Birth Sisters Programs.


Upon completion of this service learning program medical students will have:

  1. Developed improved communication, interviewing, and counseling skills.
  2. Gained confidence in providing compassionate and supportive care before, during, and after birth.
  3. An understanding of the medical benefits and an appreciation for the value of non-clinical support during pregnancy, birth, and in the postpartum period.
  4. Experienced continuity of medical care in a wide variety of clinical settings: primary care, family medicine, pediatrics, and OBGYN. This will be accomplished by having students follow patients from the prenatal period to newborn well-child visits in our clinics.
  5. A working knowledge on the topics of pregnancy, labor, contraception, breastfeeding, newborn and child care, and birth-related racial and socioeconomic health disparities.