BUSM PumpStart

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Ricky Kue, ricky.kue@bmc.org


Contact: busm.pumpstart@gmail.com

Our vision: Through BUSM PumpStart, we aim to raise awareness for CPR and basic life-saving skills in a targeted high school student population. We will be piloting this program in the City on a Hill School in Roxbury, MA.

Our goal: We will expose students to both these skills as well as to the healthcare field. By targeting students at a younger age, we will empower them with vital and potentially life-saving education. BUSM PumpStart will use an established American Heart Association curriculum to give students the knowledge and skills they need to conduct CPR but will not offer CPR certifications.

Our mission: To provide BUSM students the opportunity to teach hands-on didactic lessons of CPR to a population of local high school students, with the hope of inspiring younger students to pursue further healthcare involvement.