Report an Incident to ATM

Students are encouraged to attempt to resolve difficult situations directly with the party(ies) involved. If you feel that addressing the situation on your own is not feasible, you may choose to report the matter to the ATM Committee. Please note that complaints against unnamed individuals cannot result in a formal investigation by the ATM Committee. The identities of both the student lodging the complaint and the accused must be revealed to the Committee before a formal investigation can proceed. Anonymous comments or complaints can be submitted, but will only be used to inform the general educational efforts of the Committee.

Use the online form below to submit a comment or complaint. Please note in order to submit the on-line Incident Report Form, you will need either to be using an on-campus computer or to log in through VPN. Alternative ways to submit a comment or complaint include the following:

  • A written Comment Form, available in the reception area of the Office of Student Affairs. The Comment Form should be as detailed as possible, including the name and contact information of the student completing the form, and can be submitted to any member of the ATM Committee.
  • A signed letter of complaint delivered to any member of the ATM Committee in person or by postal mail or fax.
  • An email to any member of the ATM Committee. Only emails sent from students’ BU email accounts can be accepted without a personal signature.
  • An in-person meeting with any member of the ATM Committee followed up by a written affidavit.