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BUSM Alpha Omega Alpha is a thriving, vibrant chapter of the national organization. See below to learn more.

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Selection Process of New Members to AΩA

The Constitution of AΩA gives many degrees of freedom to each chapter for the election of members, within certain firm guidelines. These can be summarized as follows:

  1. Approximately 12-16 months before a given class will graduate from medical school, the Councilor arranges with the Dean’s office staff to receive in confidence a list of the top quartile of that class, as measured by academic performance.
  2. From this top quartile of students, each chapter may elect to AΩA membership up to onesixth of the projected number of students who will graduate. The chapter may elect up to half of that one-sixth of students during the spring of the third year, and the remainder at any time from the fall of the fourth year until graduation. There is wide variability in the process among chapters. Some chapters elect no junior students, and several elect all student members during the spring of their senior year just prior to graduation.
  3. The students among the top quartile are selected not only for high academic standing, but also for leadership qualities, professionalism, ethical character, promise of future success in medicine, and a commitment to service in the school and community. By adherence to these criteria, it has happened that one or more of the highest ranked students by grade point average have not been elected to the society.
  4. The Boston University AΩA Chapter may annually elect up to five residents or fellows and as many as four faculty members to AΩA at some time before the senior year induction ceremony. With input from faculty members and the Office of the Dean, up to four alumni/alumnae may be elected each year as well.

Dr. David McAneny and Dr. Robert Lowe, along with the Deans of the Office of Student Affairs, convene during the summer and early fall to select the new students to be elected into AΩA.

Faculty Councilors:

David McAneny, MD, FACS
Vice Chair, Department of Surgery

Robert Lowe, MD
Director of Education, Department of Gastroenterology