Global Surgery Student Alliance (GSSA)

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Abraham Jaffe,

Student Leadership:

The mission of the Global Surgery Student Alliance is to bring together and educate students with an interest in surgery and global health. Such a group will help students understand the importance of access to safe and timely surgery as a global health issue, thus inspiring them to make headway in healthcare advancement on a global scale. The ultimate goal is to motivate students to participate in activities that promote global surgery.

The vision of this organization is to contribute to the achievement of global health equity for all persons requiring surgical care by supporting research, education, and advocacy for sustainable interventions promoting global surgical healthcare.

1. Create awareness about and advocate for global surgery.

  • Offer lunch talks from individuals involved in global surgery to medical students.
  • Promote, organize, and attend the Boston Global Surgery Symposium.
  • Actively participate in public health fairs (potentially set up table).
  • GSSA updates (via our website, Twitter and Facebook).

2. Educate students about global surgery and help them connect with fellow peers interested in global surgery on an international scale.

  • Create new national as well as local GSSA resources.
  • Encourage attendance at national and international conferences.
  • Sign students up for the national GSSA newsletter and have a (potential) BUSM GSSA newsletter.

3. Facilitate communication between students and current global surgeons in order to foster the development of the next generation of global surgeons.

  • Connect students to global surgeons both locally and internationally for the purpose of collaborating on clinical and research projects.
  • Reach out to global surgeons at other institutions and nearby GSSA chapters in order to see if they have any opportunities available.