Student Activities

Student Organizations

The Student Affairs Office supports more than 80 student organizations at BUSM covering a variety of interest and areas. By engaging through these organizations, students nurture their humanism, professionalism, leadership, and well-being beyond the classroom and clinic.

Student Government

The Student Committee on Medical School Affairs (SCOMSA) represents and advocates for the student body at BUSM. Additionally, SCOMSA allocates funding to student organizations and individuals for on campus events, travel, and wellness-related initiatives. For more information, visit the SCOMSA website.

Resources for Student Organizations

Student Response to COVID-19

There are many volunteer opportunities available to support the BMC faculty and staff. Note: the School’s administration is not included in the process of assigning students to activities. (We don’t know who is volunteering and who is not, to help ensure that you feel no pressure to volunteer).
In an effort to better coordinate and meet BMC’s current needs, all requests for student volunteers should be directed to Chad Cotter. This includes requests from Health Care for the Homeless (HCHP). For those of you who have ideas and suggestions about what students can do to help, please direct your suggestions to student leaders or directly to Dean Jackson, and she will share with BMC leadership. This coordination is very important to be as effective as possible in meeting current needs.