Socially Responsible Surgery


Student Leadership:


Socially Responsible Surgery (SRS) aims to reduce health disparities by increasing equitable access to surgical care and integrating social determinants of health education into medical training through a variety of education, research, service, and advocacy initiatives. The SRS Service Learning Group provides students with the opportunity to interact with patients and help teach patients about their surgical care so that patients have a better understanding of their medical conditions. Students will also learn to screen patients for social determinants of health (SDH) that may pose barriers to patient care. Students will attend didactic sessions related to social determinants of health, common surgical procedures, and patient education skill development.

Students in the service learning group have had the opportunity to educate hundreds of patients in the post-operative period in the project’s ongoing effort to help patients better understand their medical conditions.


  • Increase medical student knowledge of social determinants of health and gain confidence in screening for SDH
  • Increase medical student knowledge of common surgical procedures and related medical care
  • Develop students’ communication and patient education skills
  • Increase patient health literacy
  • Improve inpatient experience on the surgical services

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