BUMC PPE Supply Center

Sourcing & Procurement has secured a bulk order of PPE for the Medical Campus. For labs with an immediate need, we have available PPE in our PPE Supply Center. Please fill out the PPE Purchase Request form and email it to Fredric Majnoun. When the form has been approved you will receive an email with the time that the supplies will be ready for pick up. All pick-ups will be scheduled on Fridays from L-annex 219.

Currently, we are asking that labs order enough PPE to cover two weeks at a time. Additional bulk orders will be made as needed. There are BU’s preferred supplier channels available for other PPE and cleaning/disinfectant needs. If you have difficulty sourcing products, email covidppe@bu.edu.  If you have questions about the BUMC PPE Supply Center, contact Fredric Majnoun.

Items available in the PPE Supply Center include:

Chemical-Splash GogglesHoneywell™ Uvex™ Futura™ Chemical-Splash Goggles
Price: $8.58 each
Sterile Disposable SleevesCardinal Health™ Sterile Disposable Sleeves
Price: $56.10 per pack of 30 pieces
Blue Masks with Ear LoopsBlue Masks with Ear Loops–not surgical grade
Price: $26.50 per pack of 50 masks
Touch N Tuff Chemical Resistance Gloves
Cat.# 92-600
Price: $12.73 per box of 100 gloves (M)
Price: $11.81 per box of 100 gloves (L)
Touch N Tuff Long Length Powder-Free Gloves
(Medium size)
Cat.# 92-605
Price: $10.19 per box of 100 gloves
Disposable Medical MaskDisposable Medical Mask
Price: $14.40 per pack of 20 masks
MicroFlex Chemical Resistant Gloves
(Medium size)
Price: $13.67 per box
MicroFlex Powder-Free Nitrile Gloves
(X-Small size)
Price: $8.76 per box
Halyard Lavender Powder-Free  Nitrile Gloves
(Large size)
Cat# 52819
250 gloves per box
Price: $30 per box
MicroFlex Powder-Free Nitrile Gloves
(X-Large size)
Price: $8.95 per box
Nitrilstat – RSNS 402LP Cleanroom Nitrile Gloves
(Medium size)
100 Gloves per pack
Price: $11.32 per pack
Latex-Free Gloves
(Large size)
Price: $27.66
Powder-Free Nitrile Gloves
(Small size)
Price: $5.51 per box
Bouffant Cap 21″ Yellow
(Bag of 100)
Price: $67
Shoe Cover
Price: $18.00
Hand SanitizerHand Sanitizer 16 oz.
Price: $14.07 each
Diversey Disinfectant (Oxivir Tb)
General Virucide, Bactericide, Tuberculocide, Fungicide Sanitizer 946 ml per bottle
Price: $4.75 per bottle
Plastic Bucket for Ever Wipes
Price: $5.25
Ever Wipes- (Dry Paper, Part 1)
Price: $7.50
Disposable Isolation Gowns
Size (70x29x33 cm)
Price: $4.75