Zhi-Xiong Xiao, PhD

Adjunct Professor, Biochemistry

Zhi-Xiong Xiao
72 E. Concord St Silvio Conte (K)

Other Positions

  • Graduate Faculty (Primary Mentor of Grad Students), Boston University School of Medicine, Graduate Medical Sciences



  • University of Massachusetts Amherst, PhD
  • Sichuan University, MS
  • Sichuan University, BS


  • Published on 10/16/2015

    Fei Q, Shang K, Zhang J, Chuai S, Kong D, Zhou T, Fu S, Liang Y, Li C, Chen Z, Zhao Y, Yu Z, Huang Z, Hu M, Ying H, Chen Z, Zhang Y, Xing F, Zhu J, Xu H, Zhao K, Lu C, Atadja P, Xiao ZX, Li E, Shou J. Histone methyltransferase SETDB1 regulates liver cancer cell growth through methylation of p53. Nat Commun. 2015; 6:8651. PMID: 26471002.

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  • Published on 8/17/2015

    Yuan L, Lv Y, Li H, Gao H, Song S, Zhang Y, Xing G, Kong X, Wang L, Li Y, Zhou T, Gao D, Xiao ZX, Yin Y, Wei W, He F, Zhang L. Deubiquitylase OTUD3 regulates PTEN stability and suppresses tumorigenesis. Nat Cell Biol. 2015 Sep; 17(9):1169-81. PMID: 26280536.

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  • Published on 4/12/2015

    Walsh EM, Niu M, Bergholz J, Xiao ZX. Nutlin-3 down-regulates retinoblastoma protein expression and inhibits muscle cell differentiation. Biochem Biophys Res Commun. 2015 May 29; 461(2):293-9. PMID: 25871794.

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  • Published on 2/23/2015

    Zhang H, Hu L, Qiu W, Deng T, Zhang Y, Bergholz J, Xiao ZX. MDMX exerts its oncogenic activity via suppression of retinoblastoma protein. Oncogene. 2015 Oct 29; 34(44):5560-9. PMID: 25703327.

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  • Published on 2/12/2015

    Tong Y, Ying H, Liu R, Li L, Bergholz J, Xiao ZX. Pin1 inhibits PP2A-mediated Rb dephosphorylation in regulation of cell cycle and S-phase DNA damage. Cell Death Dis. 2015; 6:e1640. PMID: 25675300.

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  • Published on 12/10/2014

    Yuan L, Chen Z, Song S, Wang S, Tian C, Xing G, Chen X, Xiao ZX, He F, Zhang L. p53 degradation by a coronavirus papain-like protease suppresses type I interferon signaling. J Biol Chem. 2015 Jan 30; 290(5):3172-82. PMID: 25505178.

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  • Published on 7/8/2014

    Xiang X, Deng L, Zhang J, Zhang X, Lei T, Luan G, Yang C, Xiao ZX, Li Q, Li Q. A distinct expression pattern of cyclin K in mammalian testes suggests a functional role in spermatogenesis. PLoS One. 2014; 9(7):e101539. PMID: 25004108.

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  • Published on 6/5/2014

    Wu J, Liang S, Bergholz J, He H, Walsh EM, Zhang Y, Xiao ZX. ?Np63a activates CD82 metastasis suppressor to inhibit cancer cell invasion. Cell Death Dis. 2014; 5:e1280. PMID: 24901051.

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  • Published on 4/30/2014

    Tran D, Bergholz J, Zhang H, He H, Wang Y, Zhang Y, Li Q, Kirkland JL, Xiao ZX. Insulin-like growth factor-1 regulates the SIRT1-p53 pathway in cellular senescence. Aging Cell. 2014 Aug; 13(4):669-78. PMID: 25070626.

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  • Published on 4/24/2014

    Dai Q, Luan G, Deng L, Lei T, Kang H, Song X, Zhang Y, Xiao ZX, Li Q. Primordial dwarfism gene maintains Lin28 expression to safeguard embryonic stem cells from premature differentiation. Cell Rep. 2014 May 8; 7(3):735-46. PMID: 24768001.

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