Lisa R. Fortuna, MD, MPH

Adjunct Assistant Professor, Psychiatry

Lisa Fortuna
85 E. Newton St Fuller Building


I am the medical director for child and adolescent psychiatry services for the Boston Medical Center, and co-director of the Transforming and Expanding Access to Mental Health in Urban Pediatrics –TEAM UP for Children, a 4 year behavioral health integration project in pediatrics at three community health centers. TEAM UP is supported by the Richard and Susan Smith Family Foundation.

My clinical career has focused on treating a range of childhood psychiatric disorders with a particular focus on Post-traumatic Stress Disorder, and mental health services, research on access to care and quality of treatment for underserved and vulnerable populations including children, immigrant and refugee populations. These areas of clinical practice and research are my passion and have resulted in my engagement in many rewarding projects which include: being a cofounder of a refugee immigrant mental health clinic in Boston, being an investigator in national and international studies of immigrant mental health and addictions which have contributed to the field’s understanding of treatment needs and interventions for these populations.

I have published in peer reviewed journals on the topics of Latino mental health, PTSD, improving access to mental health services by Latinos and other U.S. underserved minorities. I have also worked on developing mental health interventions and services for unaccompanied refugee minors from Latin America and in promoting integrated mental health interventions in pediatric primary care.

My book “Mindfulness-Based CBT for Adolescent PTSD and Addictions” was published by New Harbinger Press in October 2015 and is a product of a five-year National Institute of Drug Abuse research grant during which I developed and tested an effective intervention for adolescents with co-occurring traumatic stress and addictions.


  • University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey, MD
  • Episcopal Divinity School, MDiv
  • Hunter College, MPH
  • Yale University, BA


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