Donor Recognition

Dear alumni and friends of the School of Medicine,

Thanks-deanThanks in large part to the generous support of our alumni, parents, and other friends, our School is making steady progress.

Ten years ago, we undertook a far more holistic review of applicants to our M.D. program. We continue to monitor measures like undergraduate GPAs and MCAT scores. In addition, we also consider the life experiences, backgrounds, and aspirations of our applicants, factors important to our institutional mission. The result has been a collegial, incredibly accomplished, and diverse class. Our students from groups underrepresented in medicine have nearly doubled, to about 20 percent.

We know that almost 80 percent of medical students in the United States come from families with incomes in the top 40 percent. Because we want to assure that the best students can attend BUSM, not just those fortunate to come from comfortable families, we are under increasing pressure to provide adequate financial assistance to our students. One important step in managing students’ educational debt was taken with the opening of our Medical Student Residence. The new residence hall offers safe and convenient housing at below-market rates—and it was made possible by support from parents, alumni, and friends.

Our research program continues to make headlines and history. In recent months, for example, our faculty has announced successful efforts to halt the progression of emphysema, and even reverse its effects. Our faculty recently provided fresh insights into the impact of Huntington’s disease on the brain. And many other research efforts have produced similarly exciting results.

Nevertheless, cuts to the National Institutes of Health, a result of sequestration, have had a direct impact on our research efforts. Your support of BUSM is critical. With it, we will continue training tomorrow’s leaders in science and medicine and fostering cutting-edge research.

For these reasons and many more, I thank you for your support of our mission, and our ambitions.

Best wishes,

Karen Antman, MD
Dean, School of Medicine
Provost, Medical Campus