How to Request a Letter of Recommendation from Dr. Sarfaty

Suzanne Sarfaty, MD, Assistant Dean of Medical Education, is happy to write letters of recommendation (LOR) forĀ  scholarships, research externships, etc. on behalf of medical students with whom she has worked with directly, (i.e. through classroom instruction, service learning projects, or student organization activities).

Students who require a LOR who have not worked with Dr. Sarfaty may request a letter through the Student Affairs Office. Dr. Sarfaty also does not write dean’s letters (for residency application) for fourth-year students; this is also a function of the Student Affairs Office (contact Susan Norris).

Procedures for Requesting Letters of Recommendation

Send all documents (outlined below) to Ana Gregory. Please provide at least 3 weeks of lead time for your LOR to be completed.

1. Send an E-mail of Intent to Ana Gregory
The e-mail of intent authorizes Dr. Sarfaty to write your LOR and include the info you provide.The e-mail of intent must include the following:

  • Brief description/purpose of the LOR including organizational info with address and contact person
  • Deadline for receipt of the LOR
  • Any special instructions for sending the letter (e.g., mail, transmission via a website, etc.)
  • Your name and contact information, including cell phone

2. Provide Supporting Documents
You must provide the following (send these directly to Ana Gregory via e-mail)

  • Completed Biosketch Form
  • Electronic copies of your third- and/or fourth-year clerkship/rotation evaluations (if applicable) available via your student profile
  • Electronic (unofficial) copy of your medical school transcript

3. Send a Reminder E-mail to Ana Gregory
Send an e-mail to Ana about 5 days before the due date of your letter to ensure the letter is on its way. This is a precautionary measure to be sure that your LOR does not fall through the cracks as we have multiple requests from students.