Radiology Selective Overview

Radiology Selective


Diagnostic imaging with emphasis on understanding strengths, weaknesses, appropriate descriptive terminology, organized approach to analysis of findings, and most appropriate use of various imaging modalities.  Significant emphasis is also placed on appropriate use of image-guided diagnosis and treatment, the interpretation of radiologic reports, and communication, both with patients and with radiologists. Students have several opportunities to present findings in formal and informal conference settings, to gain experience in clear and logical use of the language of medicine and of imaging.

Special activities  included in the selective:

  1. Evidence-based Imaging, an introduction to the methodology for choosing imaging studies based on scientific evidence, introducing students to the American College of Radiology Appropriateness Criteria, and how they can be used in the clinical setting.
  2. Interesting Cases, an introduction to the use of the clinical computing systems of radiology (PACS). Each student will select an interesting case to present to their peers and one representative from the Radiology department. The goal of this brief presentation is to locate and display a case, and lead a discussion of the findings, using appropriate imaging terminology.
  3. Radiology-Anatomy Lab, an interactive interdisciplinary learning experience. This emphasizes a hands-on three-dimensional approach to integrating imaging findings with pertinent anatomy and associated pathology using blended learning and including construction of complex areas and correlation with ultrasound.
  4. Cadaver Biopsy, an interactive session where students explore additional diagnostic approaches to clinical medicine, through integration of lab values and pathologic analysis with imaging findings in common clinical scenarios, based on information from one of the actual cadavers that were dissected during 1st year anatomy. This session ties basic science to the clinical realm.  The goal of the Cadaver Biopsy Project is the vertical integration of the medical school curriculum per LCME guidelines.
  5. Core Case Presentation, select an interesting case that you encounter on your clinical observation and create a short PowerPoint to present to a Radiology attending of your choosing. The template for this PowerPoint is on Blackboard. Presentation target time: 10-15 minutes.
    1. This PowerPoint and oral presentation will be graded. Please see the grading sheet below.
    2. Please send the PowerPoint presentation to the Medical Student Coordinator. We plan to use some of these cases in the Radiology Core teaching materials in the future.

Radiology Selective Goal

The purpose of the Radiology Selective is to expose students to all common imaging modalities, their uses and limitations, and to develop a systematic approach to image interpretation.  Students also have an opportunity to see radiology in action, watch patients undergo exams, see consultation between clinicians and radiologists, and gain an appreciation of the contribution of imaging to clinical care.