Procedures for Outside Funding Received for Student Activities

Student organizations at Boston University School of Medicine (BUSM) often receive external funding to support their campus activities. The funding sources include nonprofit medical-related organizations such as the Massachusetts Medical Society and the Arnold P. Gold Foundation. Awards range from $200 to $5000.

Student organizations who received this type of funding are required to follow the following procedures. The contact person for this function is Ana Gregory, Enrichment Office (EO), BUSM. The information on this page does not pertain to SCOMSA funding for student organizations.

Upon Receipt of the Award

  1. Inform Ana of the award.
  2. Send documentation to Ana including the original grant request/proposal and the final award agreement. Dr. Sarfaty in the EO is authorized to sign the award/grant agreement on behalf of BUSM.
  3. Hand deliver the check received from the funding organization to Ana in the Enrichment Office, A-302. The check will be deposited into a discretionary account in the MEO.

Monitoring the Award

Student leaders are responsible for:

  1. Purchasing food and supplies as designated by their award.
  2. Monitoring award expenditures by using a budget sheet (Excel sheet for download).
  3. Submitting reports to grantors as required.

Procedures for Ordering Supplies/Food from the Award

  • The easiest way for students to order supplies and food is to work with Ana who will use her B.U. credit card to pay for orders. This eliminates students having to purchase items using their credit card and then wait for reimbursement from B.U.
  • For ordering supplies, student may send a list of supplies to Ana to order through (or another vendor). Ana will order and send a receipt to the student requester. When the credit card payment is due, Ana will use the student organization’s funds to pay for the supplies.
  • For ordering food, students may place food orders at a restaurant then email Ana the contact and payment info, and she will call the restaurant to pay for the order. Students are responsible for all other aspects of the food order. Receipts from food orders must be delivered to Ana when received. See Restaurants Near BUSM for Food Delivery.

Procedures for Guest Speaker Reimbursement

  • Guest speakers/facilitators (individuals who render a service; e.g., yoga instructors) who are invited to BUSM by student organizations are required to be paid directly by Boston University. Students may not pay these external service providers from their own pocket then request reimbursement by using the form below. This is due to the University’s tax withholding and reporting obligations for external service providers.
  • Procedure for guest speakers to be paid: Guest speakers must submit an invoice for the event and a complete W-9 form directly to Ana Gregory who will process the payment through B.U. Sourcing & Procurement. A paper check will be mailed to the address provided on the invoice.

Procedures for Reimbursement for Supplies/Food Not Ordered by Ana

  • If a student wishes to buy supplies/food and use cash or a personal credit card, he/she may use the online reimbursement form to be reimbursed. This procedure takes about 3 weeks for a student to receive a paper check that is sent to the address provided in the online form.

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