Message to Volunteers

In 1998, I became the director of the Alumni Association Annual Fund Phonathons having already spent some time as an active participant and loyal supporter. As director, I continue to gain inspiration from my fellow callers. The devotion, energy and enthusiasm of the alumni and student volunteers who attend gives me confidence that this tradition of outreach and fundraising is worthwhile.

Volunteers can be proud that the hours they spend during a Phonathon can be very productive and rewarding. The funds raised through the Phonathons help BUSM carry out its primary mission to prepare doctors for the future by offering the highest quality medical education.

The Phonathons also offer a uniquely convenient venue for continuing our relationship between alumni and the School. Networking like this has become a tradition of which we are proud. (Especially in these days of highly-mechanical communication, personal contact is a valuable and ever more rare benefit of the Phonathons.)

Participation by all our alumni and students is most welcome and essential. We welcome new volunteers with open arms as no prior experience is required. The evening always begins with a hot buffet dinner. To find out more, or to become a Phonathon caller, please contact us via e-mail ( or call (617) 638-5150. Phonathons are scheduled in both fall (mid-October through early November) and spring (late February or March). You may refer to the Alumni Association calendar posted on this web site for upcoming Phonathon dates.

Donald J. Grande ’73
Phonathon Director

P.S. — The following are QUOTES from recent volunteers



“I think it is important for a school to let the alumni know that we appreciate their support.”
Drew Rogers ’06

“I started out wanting to communicate with others who had attended the institution. I wanted to hear their perspectives on the field of medicine and a variety of specialties. I also wanted to get to thank those who had so generously allowed for many of the activities, loans, and scholarships that many students enjoy. In short, I thought it was a great way to both give back to BUSM and to learn about the alumni who had passed through the same labs and wards.”
Rob Najarian ’05

“Participating in the Alumni Phonathon was a great experience. It gave me an opportunity to interactwith doctors in many different specialties, who were often very willing to share their experiences and advice with me. It only took a few hours, and we were able to have a good time while helping out the school.”
Shawn Chhabra ’03

“What I enjoy most? Talking to alumni from all over the country. (And the dinner is really good too!). I feel like I am really making a difference and helping to contribute to the life of BUSM by raising money for our School. I have met some wonderful alumni. Volunteering at the Phonathons gives students an opportunity to meet very friendly alumni who may even become their mentors.”
Anna F.F. Andrade ’01

“I have really enjoyed being a part of the Alumni Association Phonathons as it has given me an opportunity to give a little something back to the School that has given me so much.”
Trace Garza Polanco ’01

For more information contact:
BUSM Alumni Association
715 Albany Street
Boston, MA 02118