Alumni E-Mentor Program FAQs

Students will contact you throughout the year (unless you note otherwise on your volunteer form). Times of year where the program will be promoted are the beginning of February when rank lists are submitted, and the beginning of June when students start their fourth year and begin to prepare for residency interviews in the fall.

  • How much of a time commitment is this program?

E-mentoring is a great way to give back because it allows you to work with your schedule. The time commitment you put into this program is completely up to you and we encourage you to discuss any time constraints or conflicts with the students you speak with so they understand the limitations of your time.

  • I get so many emails in just a day, how will I know when a student contacts me?

We instruct students to use the subject line: “BUSM Alumni E-Mentor Program” for each contact they make so you will easily be able to identify their communications.