Life at BUSM

Interactions Among Students

  • BUSM is known for the very warm and collegial relationships that are established among students. The classes are very diverse and students generally place great value on the opportunity to meet and work with people of so many backgrounds. The new introductory module at the start of the first year gives students ample opportunity to develop friendships and establish study groups.
  • The curriculum incorporates many opportunities for working teams and study groups. This approach is specifically encouraged by the faculty as it is a prelude to the collaborative nature of the modern practice of medicine.
  • Virtually all students had other opportunities that they declined in order to choose BUSM. They are in the class by choice and are fully engaged, both personally and professionally.

Faculty Student Interactions

  • Strong and collegial relationships between faculty and students are a high priority throughout the entire 4 years of the program. Both the clinical and the basic science faculty are involved in advising and mentoring activities and participate in the Informal Curriculum, allowing substantial interactions with students outside of the structured environment of the classroom or the clinical service.
    • The student government sponsors a spring dinner with faculty.
    • Each student is a member of an Advising Network composed of a Core Advisor, Field Specific Advisor and Peer Advisor.  These groups participate in an ongoing series of activities, both on-campus and in faculty homes.

Special Pathways and Their Impact on Student Life

BUSM has multiple tracks leading to the MD degree. These tracks, along with our various combined degree programs (MD-PhD, MD-MPH, MD-MBA), contribute to diversity of educational background, perspective, and career goals, producing a lively and challenging academic environment. The following special pathways, as a group, typically constitute up to about 30% of the entering class.

    • Seven-Year Liberal Arts/Medical Education Program (SMED)
      • Opportunity for exceptional high school seniors to obtain both the baccalaureate and medical degrees in 7 years. There are flexible opportunities to pursue and develop academic interests and potentially decompress the first year of medical school.
    • Modular Medical Integrated Curriculum (MMEDIC)
      • Boston University students who have completed 2 years of undergraduate study in the College of Arts and Sciences may apply for early selection to the School of Medicine. MMEDIC integrates the study of traditional arts and sciences with the study of medical science. This may result in decompression and enrichment of the BUSM, but does not shorten the total educational sequence below the traditional 8 years.
    • Early Medical School Selection Program (EMSSP)
      • Students from a consortium of undergraduate schools (Clark-Atlanta, Dillard, Hampton, Morehouse, Morgan State, Morris Brown, North Carolina Central, Spelman, Tougaloo, University of the Incarnate Word, University of Texas at El Paso, University of the Virgin Islands, and Virginia Union) may apply for early admission during the sophomore year of college. They spend 2 summers and the senior year at Boston University. They may earn double credit for selected BA/BS and MD courses as a college senior, allowing them to decompress and enrich the medical school schedule.