Deferred Matriculation

As is the case at most medical schools, the Committee on Admissions at BUSM has a general preference to avoid deferral of matriculation. Accepted applicants who wish to request deferral may submit a written petition to the Associate Dean of Admissions indicating the rationale for the request and describing activities that are planned for the year. Petitions requesting deferral for longer than one (1) year will generally not be considered, and it is our hope that all requests for deferral will be submitted prior to July 15th of the summer preceding the original matriculation date.

If an accepted applicant and the Committee on Admissions come to agreement on a deferral, the school will provide a written commitment to hold a place in the next entering class. The applicant is expected to provide a written commitment to attend as scheduled and to refrain from applying to other medical schools. The tuition deposit is due at the time that deferral is confirmed, if it has not already been submitted.