Liaison Committee on Medical Education

Every eight years the Liaison Committee on Medical Education (LCME) conducts a peer-reviewed process that determines whether a school’s medical education program is in compliance with established nationally-accepted standards of medical education quality. Most state boards of licensure require accreditation as a condition for licensure of a school’s graduates. A school must be accredited for students to be eligible to take the USMLE examinations and for their graduates to be eligible for residency programs accredited by the ACGME.

Although we monitor our educational programs continuously, this broad-based, focused accreditation undertaking provides us with a valuable opportunity for a thoughtful and comprehensive self-assessment of our programs and student learning environment. It is a formal process by which we can identify our unique strengths and build upon them, as well as confront areas of concern and means for improvement.

The next two years, culminating in the LCME Accreditation Site Visit of BUSM in February 2019, will involve the following steps that are clearly specified by the LCME:

The first year (2017)

  • Completion of the comprehensive Data Collection Instrument (DCI) and supporting evidence, documenting all aspects of our institutional setting, educational programs, medical students, faculty, and educational resources.
  • Creation and completion of an Independent Student Analysis (ISA) conducted entirely by our students, designed to assess, by class, our current educational and learning environment.
  • Five Self-Study Subcommittees of faculty, staff, administrators, and students, each assigned to two or three specific LCME Standards, review and analyze the relevant sections of the DCI database, the ISA, the annual LCME Graduation Questionnaire, our past accreditation reports, and the BUSM strategic plan. Thereafter, they prepare a report, including perceived needs and recommendations. The work of these subcommittees is the core of this accreditation process.

The second year (2018)

  • An Institutional Task Force consisting of chairs of the subcommittees, and selected administrators, representatives of governing boards, affiliated hospitals, clinical fellows, and alumni, will thoughtfully digest the five comprehensive subcommittee self-study reports and create a single 35-page Institutional Self-Study Summary Report, due May 2018.
  • December 3, 2018, the Institutional Self-Study Summary report, along with the DCI database and appendix, and the ISA will be submitted to the LCME Secretariat. The Secretariat will provide this material in addition to our recent Graduation Questionnaire report and recent accreditation history to an appointed Site Visit Team of our peers who will analyze this material in preparation for their Site Visit to Boston University Chobanian & Avedisian School of Medicine.
  • December 16-18, 2018: Mock site visit in preparation for the LCME site visit.

The third year (2019)

  • February 24-27, 2019: LCME site visit to Boston University Chobanian & Avedisian School of Medicine.