6/14-8/25 Facade Repair and Inspection 700 Albany St. (W)/650 Albany St. (X)

From Wednesday, June 14, through Friday, Aug. 25, repairs will be made to the facade of 700 Albany St. (W Building) and façade inspection will be done at 650 Albany St. (X Building).

Work has begun on the west side of 700 Albany St. (where the loading dock is located) and will proceed to the front of the building and then to the east side. When this work is complete, around the third week of July, contractors will relocate to 650 Albany St.

The inspection of 650 Albany St. is expected to be complete during the first week of August. Occupants of 650 Albany St. should not be impacted by this inspection.

During the second week of August the contractors will move to the rear of 700 Albany St. to complete the facade repair, which should be completed during the fourth week of August. Please be aware that the schedule is weather dependent; the contractor cannot work in the rain.

Contractors will be using hammer drills, grinders and power washing equipment on 700 Albany St., which will be noisy. Scaffolding has been put in place as a precaution in areas where there is foot traffic.

Thank you for your understanding while we continue to maintain our facilities. Please call the Control Center at 638-4144 or Facilities Management at 638-4211 with questions.