Degree Program Milestones

For Ph.D. and M.D/Ph.D. Students

Students are mentored to assist achievement of the following milestones in their training.  The record of achievement in the last ten years has been strong with over 90 percent of students who enroll in the predoctoral Biomolecular Pharmacology Program earning their degrees.  For the fifty-five graduates in this ten-year period the time from enrollment to submission of the approved dissertation has averaged 5.4 years.

I. Laboratory Rotations – First year (Summers of first and second year for M.D./Ph.D.)

II. Selection of Dissertation Advisor – June of first year (September of third year for M.D./Ph.D.)

III. Qualifying Exam – End of second year for Ph.D. (End of third year for M.D./Ph.D.)

(Qualifying Examination found in greater detail on pages 5 – 8 of Student Handbook; Guidelines and Timelines distributed before first day of class)

IV. Dissertation

A. Progress Report Seminar – (At least one year before pre-defense)

B.  Approval of Outline

C.  Approval of Abstract

D. Approval of Dissertation by First and Second Reader

E. Distribution of Dissertation to Defense Committee – (At least two weeks prior to pre-defense meeting)

F. Pre-Defense Meeting (At least three weeks before Dissertation Defense Seminar)

G. Approval for Scheduling Defense

H. Dissertation Defense

Approved Dissertation Submitted to Department and to Graduate Medical Sciences  (electronically)

Division Graduation Calendar

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