Could it finally be the biomarker for Alzheimer's that we have been looking for?

All biomolecular pharmacology students receiving their training in the Department share a set of foundation coursework that covers a broad range of basic disciplines: from the synthesis and function of molecules in cells to the physiology of systems necessary to sustain life in behaving organisms.

Additional shared coursework comes from more advanced graduate studies that are organized by Pharmacology faculty, such as those that direct Systems Pharmacology & Therapeutics, Current Topics in Pharmacology, Molecular & Translational Pharmacology and Pharmacology of the Brain.

Students receiving their PhD in Pharmacology also take a flexible set of elective curriculum that best complements their thesis research interests in one of three focus areas: Cancer, Cardiovascular, and Neuroscience.  They can also take elective studies across disciplines to develop a unique training plan. Coordinated training in pharmacology is also offered for students receiving a PhD in Biomedical Engineering on the Charles River Campus or a PhD in Neuroscience from the University-wide Graduate Program for Neuroscience.


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