Laboratory for Cardiovascular-Renal Research

Research Information

Our laboratory focuses on the central neural control of fluid and electrolyte homeostasis and blood pressure regulation. We have identified a novel brain G-alpha-i2 subunit protein-gaged pathway that is essential to mediate endogenous GPCR-activated pathways that regulate central sympathetic outflow, fluid and electrolyte homeostasis, and systemic blood pressure regulation.

There are several ongoing projects within the laboratory:

  1. The role of PVN specific G-alpha subunit protein gated pathways in mediating the neural control of kidney function via the renal sympathetic nerves
  2. The role of PVN specific G-alpha subunit protein gated pathways in sodium activated neuronal activity and systemic arterial blood pressure regulation in salt-resistant vs. salt-sensitve phenotypes
  3. The role of enhanced sympathetic outflow and sodium intake on the expression and activity of renal sodium transporters in salt-resistant vs. salt-sensitve phenotypes


Recent Lab News

  1. Richard Wainford Recipient of the 2014 Arthur C Guyton Award
  2. Richard Wainford receives 2013 Endocrine Society New Early Investigator Award (June 15)
  3. Richard Wainford selected as finalist for American Heart Association Council on High Blood Pressure Harry Goldblatt Award.
  4. Richard Wainford Elected as Early Career Member of the American Heart Association Council on High Blood Pressure Leadership Council (Term 2013-2016).