Neil J. Ganem, Ph.D.

DSC_0015Associate Professor of Pharmacology and Medicine, Section of Hematology and Medical Oncology
Department of Pharmacology

Ph.D.: Dartmouth Medical School

Post-Doctoral Fellow: Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, Harvard Medical School

Link to the Official Website of the Ganem Laboratory of Cancer Cell Biology

Research Interests

Dr. Ganem’s laboratory uses a combination of high-resolution microscopy, genome-wide RNAi screening, cell biology, and bioinformatics to study the causes and consequences of genome instability in human cancer. Dr. Ganem’s lab seeks to define the tumor suppression mechanisms that  limit the proliferation of highly abnormal aneuploid cells, as well as to identify the common genetic adaptations made by cancer cells to overcome these growth barriers.

Current projects in the lab are aimed at:

1) Identifying the cellular defects that trigger activation of the Hippo tumor suppressor pathway in aneuploid cells.

2) Examining the consequences of oncogenic signaling on mitotic fidelity and chromosome segregation.

3) Characterizing novel regulators of growth factor signaling and the Hippo pathway, as uncovered by a functional RNAi screen.

Dr. Ganem is currently accepting Rotation Students.