MD/PhD Curriculum

MD/PhD candidates for the PhD degree in Pharmacology satisfy the introductory sequence of the PhD curriculum through the required coursework in the first and second year of the MD program. The additional curricular requirements are 10 credits of formal coursework, 4 in Molecular Neurobiology and Pharmacology and 6 in 800-level courses; Current Topics in Pharmacological Sciences (GMS PM 810) can be used twice to satisfy the latter requirement. Advanced courses should be chosen from Pharmacology Department offerings; courses given by other departments may be selected, subject to approval by the Graduate Education Committee. Students are also required to attend department seminars.

The other requirements that MD/PhD candidates must fulfill are the same as those described for candidates for the PhD degree. Students must take a written and oral qualifying examination, preferably after one year of study in the PhD component of the program. Students are required to submit a dissertation progress report, present a seminar and meet with the Dissertation Advisory Committee. Further details on the qualifying examination and the dissertation are available in the Policies and Procedures document available in the Department Office.