MA Curriculum

Curriculum for M.A. candidates

The curricular requirements are 16 credits of formal coursework, typically including Foundations in Biomedical Sciences modules, Molecular & Translational Pharmacology, Molecular Neurobiology & Pharmacology, Current Topics in Pharmacological Sciences, and one additional 2-credit advanced course (800-level) in Pharmacology. The Graduate Education Committee will consider written requests from students to substitute or place out of courses. In addition, students are required to attend departmental seminars.

Transfer from M.A. to Ph.D. program

After satisfactorily completing the first-year curriculum with a GPA of B (3.0) or higher, an M.A. candidate can, with the approval of the advisor, the Graduate Education Committee, and the Department Chairman request a transfer into the Ph.D. program by submitting a petition to the Division of Graduate Medical Sciences.

M.A. thesis

The M.A. degree requirements include preparation and submission of a thesis under the supervision of first and second readers. The thesis is based on the student’s original research, either library or laboratory based.