BU Pharmacology & Pfizer Biotherapeutics Symposium

Welcome to the Pharmacology & Experimental Therapeutics Symposium co·organized with Pfizer or Biogen. The symposia series originated as a collaborative effort between the Department of Pharmacology and our Industrial Partners with the objective of enhancing the research training of our doctoral students and faculty participants in the university-wide Biomolecular Pharmacology training program at Boston University. Our objective is to focus on timely advances in an area of biomedical sciences that is poised for important breakthroughs in research on mechanism of action through implementation in the clinic. Topics were selected of particular interest to a broad range of scholarly work in multiple disciplines of basic science as they are applied to related diseases. Since its inception with the Genetics Institute in 1999, then Wyeth and now Pfizer, the collaboration has provided internship opportunities for all Pharmacology graduate students seeking an industry research experience, the participation of industry professionals in basic science lecturing, and the training of five new PhDs in Pharmacology & Experimental Therapeutics from Wyeth. Recently, we had the opportunity to expand our Industrial Collaboration Program to include Biogen.

We are excited to bring together an eclectic group of thought leaders to share their insights with students, faculty, and all those with an interest in exploring the scientific discovery process. The Organizing Committee hopes that the sharing and discussion of cutting edge science today will foster innovation and collaboration of the type that leads to the discovery of breakthrough therapies for those who suffer from these debilitating diseases.

Please explore our past symposia by clicking on the links below.

2018 Biogen Symposium – “Innovations in Neuroscience Discovery”

2017 Pfizer Symposium – “Emerging Technologies in Therapeutics”

2013 Pfizer Symposium – “Therapeutic Innovation: Oxidative Stress and the Next Generation of Discovery”

2012 Pfizer Symposium – “Therapeutic Innovation: The Next Generation of Discovery”

2010 Pfizer Symposium – “Inflammation Breaking Out: Molecular Mechanisms for Therapeutic Discovery”

2008 Wyeth Symposium – “Metabolic Dysregulation”

2005 Wyeth Symposium – “Degeneration and Regeneration of the Central Nervous System”